Sunday, July 14, 2013

空海 - Kukai, Itou

ラーメン - Ramen

    The aptly-named dish here at Kukai may describe the food, but it doesn't give you much of an insight to the experience of eating here. Upon entering I felt as though I had walked into someones house, with the TV in the corner surrounded by some old women sitting on some plastic outdoor furniture puffing away on their cigarettes. But it was a pretty friendly atmosphere.
    It actually seemed a pretty good gauge to the rest of Itou on the Izu Peninsula as it's a town that, while still a tourist destination (mainly for its hot springs), has seemingly passed it's glory days. Anyway, to the ramen...

    Not too memorable, but having travelled to some of the best in Tokyo that is to be expected. Just a standard shoyu type bowl. However, if you ever find yourself craving some ramen while in Itou this could be the place to go.

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