Monday, January 14, 2013

Ippudo Noodle Express, Tokyo Soramachi

赤丸豚骨ラーメン - Tonkotsu Ramen

    Weaving through the crowds over at Tokyo Sky Tree on a Saturday evening can be fun, but the chances are you'll be waiting outside for a while if you want to go to a restaurant. Luckily there is also a food court inside the Soramachi building that is separate from the restaurant floor and home to Ippudo Noodle Express.
    As you can imagine,  there is very little waiting time here. They obviously have a simplified menu and can just keep churning the bowls out, although the easier menu didn't prevent the staff from messing up our order. This meant we waited about 2 minutes... Not too bad.

     The akamaru tonkotsu ramen here is actually quite different to the regular branches. It had a little less punch than the ordinary Ippudo and quite a bit more abura floating around the top of the soup. No problems getting to the end of it though.

   You can't expect a lot from a food court and this ramen probably exceeded those expectations, but I would much prefer to wait the extra five minutes.