Saturday, November 3, 2012

ラーメン凪 煮干王 - Nagi, Shibuya

味玉煮干しラーメン- Niboshi Ramen with Egg

     I'm well aware that I have reviewed the Golden Gai branch of Nagi, but being one of my favourites I couldn't help visiting the Shibuya branch after hearing about it. It opened in February so I can't say I was completely on top things but got there eventually. Like the Shinjuku store it's a pretty overpowering smell of niboshi but not enough to keep the customers away... We arrived just as they opened on a Sunday evening but by 10 past 5 all the seats were full. Almost as tempting as the ramen itself was this button...

    It was a long wait for the ramen with this, but once it arrived my mind was quickly back to business.

   And the obligatory close(r)-up.

   So it's basically the same as the other branch but seems to be presented a little differently with a dollop of some special sauce on the chashu. It also includes the signature ittanmomen (いったんも麺) which is a very flat, wide noodle. Not the easiest to slurp... 

    Finished. But this bowl will leave you thirsty for the next few hours.

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