Sunday, October 7, 2012

三田製麺所 - Mita Seimen, Shimbashi

つけ麺 - Tsukemen ¥700 (plus toppings)

     Friday night in Shimbashi is usually just a sea of white shirts wandering around trying to find a place to eat and drink, and this particular evening was no different as we made our way to Mita Seimen, a reasonably well-known chain around Toyko. These guys have done away with a ticket machine but everything else is standard ramen, well, besides the basement seating. It's almost semi-Izakaya.

   The menu wasn't very descriptive and the tsukemen didn't seem to have (m)any toppings so we decided to go with recommended chashu, menma and egg side dish... Too much for one photograph...

    As it turns out, there was plenty of stuff hiding under the surface of the soup. I guess pork bone soup isn't that transparent after all. To be honest I was pretty pleased with Mita Senmai, the soup was very solid, the noodles chewy and sticky and I didn't leave with a feeling of regret. Not bad. Although I do remember the soup wari being pretty average.

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