Sunday, April 22, 2012

熟成味噌タンメン 蔵味噌屋 - Kuromisoya, Kita Senju

味玉入り味噌タンメン- Miso Ramen with Egg.

     Being 2012 and all I have finally decided that I should try and come back inside from the ramen wilderness. As you have probably noticed from the masked chap in the photograph above this I went here during the much colder winter months which made miso ramen a good choice. The time I've taken to write the post about it was probably a bad choice since I don't remember much about it except for the heavy metal blaring from the kitchen.

     That probably could explain the lack of customers. Either that or the really tight seating in the booths... Anyway, was the ramen any good?

     I've already explained that I can't remember although considering this is the bowl that caused the 4 month lay-off, I would suggest no... Although this tells a different story...

    Or does it???

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