Monday, May 16, 2011

麺処くるり - Kururi, Ichigaya

味噌玉子ラーメン - Miso Ramen with Egg ¥800

   Kururi is the highest rated ramen shop in Shinjuku ward although it isn't very close to Shinjuku itself and offers a very popular miso ramen that makes sure the 8 seats in the restaurant are always warm during business hours. The owners must have a pretty high opinion of the store, located just across from the outer moat of the Imperial Palace, as they don't feel it necessary to even have a sign on the door and there is just 2 plain black planks of wood above. This may add to the popularity and mystique of the store and it seems most people don't have any problems finding the store as there is often a line. Unfortunately, once you reach the pointy end of the line you have wait inside, crowding those who are trying to enjoy their ramen. I certainly felt as though I was hurrying them along. 

   This was the last interior photo I took as they have a no photograph policy, but here it is anyway. A little cramped and, on a Sunday evening no less, we were the oldest people inside. The university students certainly didn't feel as though we were pressuring them to eat quickly as they happily chatted away. With only two staff working to make sure your bowl is prepared once you sit down there is no other way to organise the line. I did eventually sit down though....

    The miso broth wasn't quite what I was expecting and didn't have a really strong miso flavour. In order to lessen the miso flavour the soup is stewed for a while with some other secret ingredients and then heated up along with some negi and moyashi and finally topped off with a sprinkling of chili sauce. The chashu and egg were just average - The egg probably a little overcooked however once they are out of the way, you can concentrate on the thick, robust soup.

   Easy! Nevertheless, I did feel a little pressure as I felt the line inside was creating a little pressure for me. Those chatty university students were getting a little loud too.

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